Serva Creative offers a full service


Serva Creative offer experienced, skilled practitioners for developing Websites which if required offers clients access to CMS resources.

We become an extension of your team and bring projects from concept to completion, within budget and on time.

Serva Creative can tailor to your needs & fulfill your development requirements, this includes clients that fall into these categories:

  • That have limited IT resources or do not have access to any IT resources
  • Who want to “Jump Start” the process of revitalizing their existing websites or starting a new one
  • Want to utilize Serva web developers team as a complement to their own, often backlogged IT staff
  • Want to outsource the complete development of their Website that will result in “turn-key” solution.

Once commissioned, Serva Creative will carry out the following & liaise with you throughout the phases.

A typical phased approach to the development of a new website, or revitalizing a clients existing website is:

  1. Confirm the Clients Requirements
  2. Establish a website design
         including the functions, look and feel
  3. Upon approval of phase II, input the content
  4. Make final changes, “Tweaks”
  5. Make the website live and initiate training
         of the clients/staff if required

As an outside source, Serva Creative has the ability and experience to be able to identify, prioritize and implement the look and feel of a clients website. This is something often over looked by clients that in effect know their information too well, and therefor presume too much thus making the website difficult to navigate for visitors.

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