Serva Creative offers a full service


We often get asked questions, so here are a few you may be need answered, but if we haven’t got your question here, please contact us and ask, we’re very happy to help.

Can Serva Creative help with the day-to-day running of our website?

YES Serva Creative can provide a full website maintenance service, where you just send any additions or changes you require and we will carry them out swiftly freeing your staff to do their job. This saves time and money in potential staff training, rather than using a CMS for your changes.


What is Website CMS?

CMS – Stands for Content Management System, it allows in this scenarios you, the owner to go into the website and change basic textural elements within your website such as, events, times, staff and the like. Then when something more complicated is required, you would contact  us, your Web Developer to change or develop that content.


Does it matter if I don't change anything again once the site is done?

YES it matters, search engines such as Google are monitoring all the sites to see if they’re dormant and as such, lower the site in search results. Updating and keeping your site current is one of the most important elements of having a website, and wether you use CMS or Serva it’s a must to keep it up-to-date.


Does the CMS require any special Client Workstation software?

None at all – it’s completely web based. and therefore compatible with any browser. Because the CMS needs nothing other than a web browser and internet connectivity, it means that our clients can carry out changes at any time, even at home or on vacation if needs be.


A logo & corporate presence. Can Serva creative incorporate this?

YES – There is absolutely no problem is incorporating this. We understand the importance of keeping an image, and if you have one and you want to keep it, we can do this. In addition, if you don’t have one, we can also carry this out.


What is SEO & Why have it?

SEO – basically stands for Search Engine Optimization, so why have it, well you can build a perfect website, but its content can remain invisible to search engines unless you promote it. This is due to the nature of search technology, which relies on the metrics of relevance and importance to display results.