Waycross-Ware County Tourism Board


It was in the spring of 2011, when the Waycross-Ware County Tourism Board contracted our company to create a new look for their site. This site stayed active for 3 years plus, but due to new developments and web trends, such as more people using their cell phones to check out websites, we were commissioned to prepare a brand new website for the Tourism Board which was completed in the fall of 2014. It incorporates all the new features, including an auto detect mobile version of the website.


The website brief was:

  • create a new look for the Waycross Ware County Tourism Board
  • create a new logo and slogan for them to adopt
  • make their website easily navigable for visitors
  • make each page different, with images throughout but keep to a theme
  • provide monthly maintenance service when required on larger projects
  • extend this look to other promotional material, which has included;
    • magazine adverts, leaflets & flyers.


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